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20th Dec 2016

This Warm Weather Calls For The Unofficial City Centre Smoothie Awards


We keep on telling ourselves that it’s really warm outside, and smoothies are what you consume in summer, right?

The smoothies on offer in Dublin right now are so numerous and so varied that it’s hard to decipher between them… What’s the best healthy smoothie? Where’s the most efficient stand? Where can I get a smoothie that just tastes like sugar?

Everyone has their own standards for smoothie perfection, and chances are, there’s a smoothie in Dublin’ city centre made just for you. Feast your eyes, then, on our (unofficial) city centre smoothie awards. Find the description that best matches what you’re looking for, go forth, and sip!

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Earthiest: Green Beards

Ranelagh juicers, Green Beards, have just opened a shop on Baggot Street, and they offer six different health-food smoothies from The Green Goddess to The Ragamuffin. Looking for bee pollen and young thai coconut water in your smoothie? Green Beards is for you.

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Best Lunch Accompaniment: Chopped

Right down the block from Green Beards is lunch salad stalwart Chopped. They offer high-quality smoothies alongside their salads and wraps, and at just over €3, they’re great to add to your lunch rather than replace it.

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Best Lunch Replacement: Alchemy Juice Co

That said, if you are looking for a smoothie to take the place of a meal, Alchemy Juice Co. has you covered. Their smoothies are some of the most expensive in town with prices up to €7.80, but the portion and the ingredient lists are hefty enough to easily replace lunch.

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Most Efficient: Yogism

Now, the smoothies at Yogism will take a few minutes to prepare, but the efficiency of their menu can’t be beat. Green one, yellow one, or pink one. Boom. No complicated decision-making here, but all the deliciousness.

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The Original: Jump

Jump Juice Bars have been around since 2003 and have therefore been making smoothies since way before it was cool. They offer a whopping 25 different varieties (not to mention a whole host of locations) and are always reliable for a quick smoothie fix whether you’re shopping or going for a stroll in Stephen’s Green.

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Best Smoothie with a View: Marks & Spencer Cafe

If the heat has depleted you so much that you simply can’t stand the outdoors any longer, retreat to the M&S Grafton Street café. The smoothies are tasty and a table by the window will provide ample people watching and relaxation.


Sweetest: Möoch

Mooch Frozen Yogurt offers a wide variety of smoothies, and their fruit-based options are by far the fruitiest and sweetest in town. They’re partially customisable too: you can choose which frozen yogurt flavour you’d like as a base, which takes these smoothies to a whole other level!

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