These Are The Top 10 Burgers In Dublin In 2017

With lots of new arrivals who comes out on top?

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I haven’t listed the top burgers in Dublin in a couple of years, and with lots of changes and new arrivals, it's about time I tackle the most controversial of topics. 

I expect uproar, some agreement and plenty of heated debate, as always.

The only way to tackle this is to grab a couple of mates and to start working your way through the list to see if you agree or not. Probably best you don’t do it all in one day though. 

The standard continues to improve… here are the top 10 burgers in Dublin right now, as far as I'm concerned...

10th. Bobo's 

Have been around for years and now have multiple locations around town. One for people who are fans of their burgers being stacked seriously high and with lots of fillings. 

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9th. Bull And Castle 

Part of the famous FXB chain of restaurants, this is their gastro pub offering. Their burger is simple but amazing, and you have loads of different beers to choose from when it comes to washing it down.

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8th. Five Guys 

Some people might think this one should be higher on the list, or not be on the list at all. They're only just opened, and they're an American chain. 

That benig said, their burgers are superb and with plenty more locations coming across Ireland we'll all be eating a lot more Five Guys!


7th. Wow Burger 

Tucked away inside The Workman's Club, this burger is the real deal. 

Add in the fact that given where it is you've probably had a few pints before eating it and won't get over how good it tastes!

Also, try the garlic butter fries. 

Screen Shot 2016 10 30 At 13 00 17

6th. Farmer Brown's

The place to come if you are seriously hungry – because their portions are absolutely massive. Like insanely massive. 

Two locations in Dublin, on Bath Ave and in Rathmines, and their burger is absolutely top notch.

Screen Shot 2016 10 30 At 12 46 06

5th. Dillingers

The only problem you'll have here is that there are so many amazing dishes that going for the burger is a tough choice. 

If you do though you'll get an absolutely stunning meal, with their famous huge portions leaving it hard to finish.

Screen Shot 2016 10 30 At 12 38 04

4th. Generator Hostel  

Could be a surprise for many to see a hostel so high up on the list but their burger is as good as anything you’ll find in a high end restaurant. 

Affordable and seriously tasty they put some amount of effort into developing an amazing burger

Screen Shot 2016 10 30 At 12 44 01

3rd. Beeftro 

A couple of locations in Dublin, and given what they're called, and that they focus on all things beef, you’d expect a good burger. 

On the pricier side of things but packed full of flavour – you certainly won’t be hungry after eating this.

Screen Shot 2016 10 30 At 12 36 52

2nd. Featherblade 

A new arrival on the list  and straight in at a well-deserved second place. 

An absolutely outstanding tasting burger made with the very best of ingredients. It was apparently in development for over six months to get it tasting this good.

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1st. Bunsen 

Now with three locations across the city, the standard is as high as ever. 

Given how busy they always are it would seem like the vast majority of people in Dublin agree with me

My advice? Don’t mess around with tons of toppings and keep things simple. The focus is on the great-quality meat, the simple condiments and great buns. One of the most affordable and best meals for the price you’ll eat in the city.

Screen Shot 2016 10 30 At 12 33 49
Screen Shot 2016 10 30 At 12 33 33

Burgers make the world a better place. 

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