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30th May 2019

This Dublin Boutique Is NAILING Instagram Stories And Your Paycheck Is Doomed

Megan Cassidy

There is an evil social genius working at Bow and Pearl in Rathmines.

Seriously – I am not one to spend my paycheck on clothes. In fact, I wear the same outfits to the office every single week – such is my aversion to spending money on clothes (that neon red floral print shirt reeeeeally loses its shine after the 314th wear).

But the Bow and Pearl Instagram stories get me every. single. time. and whoever is managing their social media needs to get a shoutout.

The boutique, which was based in Ranelagh for seven years before moving to the Swan Centre Rathmines in 2017, has a relatively small stock, around seven compact rails – but every piece is beautiful.

Midi skirts, great-quality basics, jumpers, jeans and even occasion dresses are clearly curated by someone with an incredible eye.

And herein lies the issue – I do not have “the eye”.

I cannot put a skirt from one rail with a slogan tee from another together in my head. I need someone to show me very clearly, like I’m a five-year-old, how to style my clothes.

That’s why I’m a total sucker for Bow and Pearl’s Insta stories. Items that I would never look twice at on the rail are showcased in five different looks that are each equally incredible.

Espadrilles. I would NEVER have been interested in Espadrilles. Now I have two pairs.

Would YOU have known that this yellow gingham midi skirt was a must-buy??

A run-of-the-mill blazer is suddenly the ONLY blazer in Dublin I can have because of the way they have paired it on their stories.

Every day, there are new and inspiring pairings and I genuinely think my own “eye” is improving thanks to these daily lessons in style.

Teach a man to fish…

If you, like me, do not have “the eye”, and are somewhat hesitant to make a purchase that isn’t black, white, or denim – then do yourself a favour and follow this account.

Or if you’re in the area, pop in to get some really unique summer pieces that nobody else has.

(I dm’d the account to find out who was behind it, and it’s a lady named “Roisin”. Thank you, Roisin!)