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08th Aug 2019

This Old-Reliable Dublin Date Spot Is Making a Serious Comeback

Megan Cassidy

Everybody loves a good comeback.

The Spice Girls, CAULIFLOWER, and now….

One of the most reliable date-spots in Dublin, 777.

The age of Tinder transformed the Dublin dating scene – meaning that the average date per person rose from about two a year to two a week.

With so much unpredictability surrounding the actual date itself, and the extremely high volume of them – we needed to lower the risk factor in the date spot of choice.

777 on South Great George’s St became the perfect old-reliable.

Casual dining so there were no try-hard vibes, plenty of follow-up options close by if it developed into a two-parter, and generous spirit measures – let’s be honest.

But those of us who have moved beyond the Tinder age have made a grave mistake by turning our back on 777.

While we weren’t watching – it made a serious comeback.

In fact, the Mexican restaurant was just voted Best Casual Dining in Ireland at the RAI awards, and was named in the Irish Time’s Top 100 restaurants for the first time ever this year.

So why do we need to take a second look at this place?

Well, for one – they’ve just introduced a killer new menu.

Chef Essa Fakhry recently spent time in the kitchens of Cosme and Empellon in New York, and their influence comes through in the citrusy, spicy, brighter flavours now woven through the new A La Carte menu.

With weekly deliveries directly from Mexico of authentic ingredients such as Ancho, Pasilla, Pasilla Oaxaca, New Mexico and Morita chillies, this is a kitchen that cares and believes in having fun.

A new Snack is the ‘Oyster Shot’ (€3.5), a natural oyster in a sauce of ginger aguachile, jalapeno oil and lime.

The ‘Pato’ (€13), is a pair of tostados topped with in-house cured duck breast, salsa macha and avocado.

The ‘Cauliflower’ (€10) is a trio of taquitas topped with roast cauliflower, ha’sikil’p’ak (a Yucatan pumpkin seed dip) black bean and crema.

777’s signature dish ‘Pig’s Head Carnitas’ (€50) has been revamped, but is still a feast for sharing. Roast shredded pigs head shares a platter with salsa negra, apple and ginger sauce, pico de gallo, elotes and papas fritas.

The award-winning cocktail menu ranges from their signature House Margarita (€12), served frozen, shaken or on the rocks, through to a Enfante Mojado (€12) of blanco tequila, white cacao, lemon juice and chocolate bitters, and a Violencia Rojo (€12) of gin, lemon juice, jalapeno & rosemary.

Sound appealing? There’s also a SWEET Sunday deal that chops the price of every dish to just €7.77.

Good enough to ditch Granny’s Sunday roast for.