Top 12 brunch spots we recommend in Dublin right now 2023

By Emily Mullen

January 9, 2023 at 3:13pm


Get jottin' these down for your next weekend escapade

There's a highly meme-able scene in the Hulu series The Bear, whereby Carmy who has returned to his family's sandwich joint after a storied career, is spitballing ideas with his sous chef Sydney. When the topic of brunch comes up, he turns to her and says, "f**k Brunch" which she repeats with even more feeling. Most chefs' feeling about this constructed eating time and eggy-based menu is pretty similar to the sentiments shared in the kitchen of the Original Beef of Chicagoland. But for guys and gals who want to kick off their weekends in a leisurely fashion, brunch is much beloved. Here's a list of our top 12 favourite brunch spots  for you to visit around town:

12. Groundstate Coffee

Dublin 8's 48- 50 James Street, for more info here 

Go with? A vegan/veggie friend

This place is so much more than a spot for takeaway coffee before a visit to the Guinness Storehouse (even if their coffee roasted in-house is excellent). It's a great spot for a weekend brunch, with probably one of the most interesting and inspired vegan/veggies menus out there at the moment.

11. Ebb&Flow

Dublin 2's 71 Camden Street, for more info click here 

Go with? A friend who lives the other side of town

The location of this cafe is hard to beat, smack bang in the middle of Camden street, it's a good halfway point if you are meeting someone from the other side of town. The friendly staff serve up a great coffee, and are super flexible and accommodating for all requests. They've got a well-rounded brunch menu, that has all the traditional breakfast-y dishes while also listing some thoughtful numbers like the Posh Beans On Toast and the Blood Orange Granola. 

10. Bread 41 (Upstairs)

Dublin 2's 41 Pearse Street, more info click here

Go with? A fellow food-fan

The mythical the legendary Bread 41, has recently opened up its space upstairs into an 40-seater eatery. From Friday through to Sunday, you can get your paws on some of the innovative brunch dishes made with exemplary pastries, breads and sweets from the bakery downstairs. Visiting the eatery is also a great way of skipping the queues downstairs and securing your weekend treats in peace.


9. Beef and Lobster

Temple Bar's 39-40 Parliament Street, more info click here 

Go with? The gals

Personally, Americana-twinged brunch menus are always a hit, something about the excessiveness of ingredients and the invariably deep-fried cooking methods that just work on a weekend. Beef and Lobster do just that, serving up crab rolls, duck wings, and lobster fritters with sides a plenty. They do a bottomless brunch every weekend, which is handy if you are so inclined.

8. Two Pups Coffee 

The Liberties' 74 Francis Street, more info here 

Go with? Your partner and your dog/baby

A stalwart of the Dublin brunch scene by now, it's rare to see this spot without queues of people outside on the weekend- dogs straining on their leads- as the name might suggest this place is incredibly dog friendly. Inside it's got that rustic and paired back feel, with weathered table tops and mismatched chairs. It's typically populated by interesting-looking couples with either a baby or a dachshund in tow- sometimes both. The staff are always lovely and calm, serving up great coffee from behind the tempting cabinet of cakes and pastries. Menu-wise, it's a pretty standard avocado on toast and poached egg type menu, but all cooked immaculately with the very best of ingredients.

7. Brother Hubbard

Various locations, for more info click here 

Go with? Your friend who you haven't seen in a while

A-go to brunch spot for a very good reason, there are a couple dotted around the city at this stage from Capel street, Ranelagh with even a spot in Arnotts. The Middle Eastern-inspired menu has plenty of unctuous warming bowls topped with plenty of sauces and flavoured oils. The warm staff serve some bang up coffee which has to be accompanied by some incredibly moreish cakes. A trip to Brother Hubbard always makes you feel a bit warm and fuzzy inside like you've just been fed by your friend's lovely mam after a particularly heavy night out.


6. L'Gueuleton 

Dublin 2's Fade Street, more info click here

Go with? A big group of friends

This spot on Fade Street has been a long-running triple threat in Dublin, operating as a brunch spot, a bistro and a late bar. In the evenings, there's classic French Bistro cuisine on the menu, but brunch is a little more casual at L'Gueuleton with things like potato hash and eggs benny on the go. A great city-centre location, with a nice ambience that can invariably escalate a civilised brunch into a all-day rager.

5. Alma

Portobello's 12 South Circular Road, for more info click here 

Go with? Family

This cosy family-run Argentinian spot is a luxuriant choice for brunch. While the small contemporary menu shifts with the seasons and suppliers' stock, the Buttermilk Pancakes with Dulce de Leche, brandy and orange mascarpone never leave (for good reason).

4. Tang

Various locations, for more info click here

Go with? Sweet + Savoury friends

Arguably Tang could top any kind of listicle that you could think of: coffee, lunch, breakfast. Such is the level of quality the team wrap, froth and dollop on everything. With two spots, one tucked away on Abbey Street and the other on the corner of Dawson Street, you aren't ever going to be too far away from one. The brunch menu is made up of breakfast classics that have been given a simple twist of innovation, there are a lot of options for a group of mixed brunch tastes as they have great sweet AND savoury options.

3. Wuff


Smithfield's 23 Benburb Street, for more info click here

Go with? The parents

A cosy locally-owned neighbourhood Bistro that serves modern European dishes throughout the week. The occasional Luas-aside, the big-windowed spot is in a lovely and quiet part of town. The ambience is chilled and unpretentious, and it's somewhere I've personally brought my parents to a couple of times and they've always had a great time. It's a spot that can cater for a lot of different types of eaters (from the fry-fan to the avo toast-eater) without sacrificing on taste.

2. Thunder Cut Alley

Dublin 7's Smithfield, more info click here 

Go with? Your woo-woo-est friends

Definitely the funnest place in Dublin to grab brunch, it's a great spot to go if you have a gang of excitable girls in tow. The interior is wall-to-wall sexy kitsch, like how you might imagine Dita Von Teese would decorate your Granny's house, armed only with pritt stick and a box of primary coloured paint. They do some great classic cocktails which are always nice and strong (and made with incredible speed). There's a Mexican-twinged menu which is never static- and invariably has some great prop fashioned to it- like a clothes peg or a children's toy. I've personally always had a great meal and a fun time here- it's an excellent all-rounder with an edge.

  1. Drury Buildings

Dublin 2's 52-55 Drury Street, for more info click here 

Go with? Everyone you know

While not strictly a traditional brunch spot, this spot on Drury Street is a great place to get unbelievable food around brunchtime. Set in a massive space, that's been creatively transformed into a rambling space perfect for eating and drinking- it's hard to get a 'bad' table here as each one takes in either a colourful piece of art, exposed brick or the view of the Fade Street crowds. The cocktails are hard to bet at Drury Buildings, and the mixologists aren't afraid to go off the menu depending on your tastes. The menu is tapas-style which is made for sharing- and you'll want to share as every dish on the menu makes your eyes linger.

Have we missed anywhere? Let us know!

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