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12th Aug 2019

Nine Of The Very Best Vegan Dishes In Dublin

Alan Fisher

There are more and more people becoming vegans and Dublin has a great offering in this area.

So being the good bandwagoners we are, we decided to go out and find the best vegan dishes available.

Here they are:

1. Beast – “Chicken” Burger

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Ok, these guys are definitely the top dogs when it comes to vegan meats. Any of their sandwiches including their plant-based meats taste exactly like the real thing. And that’s coming from me, who is usually a serious meat-lover.

One of their sandwiches in particular blew me away – their chicken burger. Again, the chicken has the same texture as the real thing and it is covered in Frank’s Red Hot sauce. Good lord, it is amazing and if you’re feeling frisky they do a mean garlic cheese chips too.

2. Happy Food – The Happy Classic

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First of all, Happy Food is just a bloody lovely place to visit as it’s also a yoga hub and the staff are extremely sound. But down to what you came for – the food.

We ordered the The Happy Classic which is a sweet potato and black bean burger and it’s to die for.

One thing I’ve noticed with these types of burgers is that the texture is a hard thing to get right, but in the words of Goldilocks, they’ve got it juuust right. It doesn’t just squash in your hands when you’re eating it as the black beans give it some stability and a meat-like substance. The kicker here is the caramelised onion jam on it – wow!

3. Póg – Afternoon Tea For Two

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Right, this is the holy grail for any type of food, ever! I’ve never been so impressed by a food experience.

This is three tiers of heaven with drinks to accompany it. First tier is slices of sourdough bread with different types of hummus and smashed avo on them.

Next tier was a sweet potato burger with mini acai bowls and the top tier, last but definitely not least, was five different flavours of cheesecake and a peanut butter cookie. Words can’t describe how good this entire feast was. Just have a look at the picture.

4. The Hopsack – Mushroom Ragu

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Not going to lie, I hadn’t heard of this beautiful little spot until recently but I’m now addicted. This is a really cool take-out deli, although there is some seating if you wish to stick around, that does some really hearty, healthy meals along with killer coffee.

They have different dishes daily, but we had the Mushroom Ragu which was accompanied with mash (who doesn’t love mash?) and baked cabbage. It’s a really feel good meal and if you have some space, dive into one of their s’mores!

5. Urbanity – Acai Bowls

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Acai bowls are the dream but you won’t find better than Urbanity. Not only do they have some amazing ingredients like grilled pineapple and peanut butter, but they also make it look so bloody good – AKA a great Insta opportunity.

6. The Cake Café – French Toast

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I absolutely love french toast but it is definitely tricky to get for a vegan. In saying that, The Cake Café has absolutely nailed it. With options like this around, I would definitely be able to be a full-time vegan.

7. Token – Vegan & Chill

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No, it’s not just arcade games here, there is actually a lot more than what you see on people’s Instas – they have a really good menu with a host of vegan options.

If I’m feeling extra hungry I’ll go for the vegan & chill big dog, vegan spice bag and top it all off with a vegan sundae. And then I’ll silently slip into a welcomed food coma.

8. Garden Of Vegan – Garlic Cheese Chips

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Vegan garlic cheese chips are surprisingly hard to get right. The ‘cheese’ can have a very weird texture after it’s melted, but some places can get that mix right and Garden of Vegan is right up there with the best of them. Especially if you’re looking for something to fix a hangover.

9. Shouk – Falafel Pita

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Shouk is a bit of me and their falafel pita is unrivalled. Especially when you can get all the extra bits like hummus, cashew labneh and polenta fries to accompany it. Dream.