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05th Aug 2018

Treat Yo’Self – 15 Of The Ultimate Cheat Meals In Dublin

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This incredibly sexy list of food porn will make you seriously hungry.

No but seriously, we are warning you in advance, bring the tissues because you’ll be drooling at these insane dishes you’ll find in Dublin right now.

Sometimes that healthy salad just won’t do and all you crave is dirty, filthy, sinful grub. These dishes take “cheat meal” to a whole new level and we are all over it.

Prepare yourself:

1. Cheese Fondue & A Crisp Glass Of Vino – Edelwise

Is there anything more sinful than a bowl of melted cheese?

Cheese is my go-to when it comes to indulging and Edelwise is therefore, heaven to me. There are seven different fondues to choose from, each as gooey and as stringy as the last. Pair that with some wine and you’re laughing.

Would legit swim in this.

2. BuJo Burger & Milkshake – BuJo

BuJo serves some of the tastiest burgers in town. There’s two patties in each burger and a load of cheese, not to mention the most deliciously crispy bacon on top – omg.

Top it off with one of their hand-spun milkshakes and you’ve got yourself a whopper cheat meal.

You’ll have to loosen your belt after this one.

3. Coco Pops French Toast & An Espresso Martini – San Lorenzo’s

Eggy-bread covered in chocolatey Coco Pops, dripping in chocolatey sauce. There’s peanut butter, there’s chantilly cream, there’s even more chocolate – It’s just filthy tbh.

To go all out, get yourself an Espresso Martini to sip on while you munch.

Cannot deal with this.

4. Pepperoni Pizza Slice & Coke – Di Fontaines

Di Fontaines serves some of the most wonderfully greasy pizza slices in Dublin. The slices are almost as big as your head and they are loaded with cheese.

It’s also a carb-lovers heaven because that base and crust have got some crunch to them. #CarbsBeforeMarbs


5. Honey Butter Burger & Mac And Cheese – Mad Egg

Our new fave chicken burger joint have some pretty filthy dishes on offer.

This burger is made from fried buttermilk chicken, cinnamon rock, honey butter, candied streaky bacon, pickles and lettuce. It’s sweet, sticky and there’s so much flavour – pure indulgence.

Add stringy mac and cheese, topped with candied bacon bits as a side and you’ll be more than satisfied, in fact maybe a little too satisfied.

6. Spice Bag & Lucozade – Chop Chop

You’d walk right by Chop Chop without even noticing it, in fact I’m sure you’ve already done so 100 times already. Let me tell you, this is up there as one of the best spice bags in town.

They also do huge tubs of curry and satay sauce, just to go all out.

Also, I know what you’re thinking… Lucozade?

It’s a rare occasion that you find a takeaway that sells Lucozade and if I’m ever hungover, that is my go-to drink. So picture yourself hanging out of your hoop and being able to order a Lucozade with your spice bag.. eh hello? Dream combo.

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7. The Nutella Burger And Cheesecake Cocktail- Ruby’s Pizza And Grill

Ruby’s Pizza and Grill at Point Square has created the brunch dessert of all desserts.

This chocolatey dish is ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth.

It’s made up of a dollop of Nutella deep fried in sweet batter and is served between a jam doughnut with vanilla ice-cream and strawberries, like…can you cope? Cause we cannot.

Their cheesecake cocktail is made from Cranberry vodka, strawberry liqueur, Creme de cacao white, strawberry purèe, topped with a later of cream and crushed biscuit. DREAM.

8. Mixed Platter And A Beer – My Meat Wagon

Meat, meat and even more meat.

This juicy platter is absolutely huge so make sure you’ve got plenty of stomach space.

Holy moly!

9. Mac & Cheese Toasty – Nice N Cheesy

Mac’n’cheese in a sambo? Ah here lads, this is getting a little too much.

The mac’n’cheese toasty is exactly what we’ve been missing in our lives. Comfort food at it’s absolute finest.

Nice n Cheesy can be found in Bushy Park Market every Saturday and Herbert Park Market every Sunday.

10. The Dublin DeathTrap Donut & A Mocha – Aungier Danger

This is probably the heaviest, most chocolatey donut in Dublin. It’s stuffed with a vanilla custard filling and laced with two layers of choccy icing.

Add a chocolate flavoured cawfee to that and boom – Pure indulgence.

11. Grande Nachos & Pitcher Of Margarita – Taco Taco

This whopper nachos platter is lathered in layers of cheese, guac, salsa and pickled jalapenos a.k.a – The best kind of cheat meal.

What a feast!

12. Chilli Fries & Milkshake – Wowburger

The chilli fries from Wowburger are up there as one of the best in Dublin. They’re covered salty meat and in juicy sauce and by god are those chips good.

Add one of their creamy milkshakes to the mix and that’s one hefty meal for your sins.

13. Truffle Ravioli & Wine – Terra Madre

These little silky pockets of heaven are what treating yourself is about.

Carbs over Marbs any day when these are involved.

Also, pile on that parmesan pls.

14. Totally Fried & Bacon Battered Reese’s Cup – Token

If you really want to cheat – This one’s for you.

This eating challenge involves two kilos of bacon jam and parmesan fries, beef short-rib chilli fries and Nashville hot fries. Think you could master it?

If you do, you pay nothing, but believe us it’s not as easy as it would seem. In fact it killed our glorified eating challenge king James so… you know.

Add bacon battered Reese’s Cups to your meal and you’ll be rolling all the way home.

15. Vanilla Buttermilk Pancakes & A HAPE of Mimosa’s – Angelinas

Ah stop the lights, we couldn’t complete this list without some deadly pancóga.

These beauties are dripping in salted maple caramel, topped with pecans and a big dollop of mascarpone.


Now, time to sin!

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