Watch: Our Top 10 videos of 2020

By Alan Fisher

December 27, 2020 at 12:47pm


We take a look back over our top 10 videos of 2020 as we head for 2021.

It's been a strange year, of course, but that doesn't mean that some amazing moments were caught on camera.

This is a mix of some videos we created at Lovin and some that were sent in by you.

From Stanley's 90th Birthday during the first lockdown to The Tree of Life, we've got some magical moments to share.

This isn't entirely based on views alone, but just moments we thought were special.

Here they are:

10) Salt Caves


We checked out the Salt Caves to see what they were all about. What a way to relax.

9) Black Lives Matter

We went to the Black Lives Matter protest in Dublin which took place after George Floyd was murdered in America.

8) Dublin's Dementia Friendly Barber

Meet Joe, Dublin's Dementia Friendly Barber, as he cuts Ted's hair. They both stole our hearts.

7) Dublin's Empty Streets


A piece put together by Elijah Egan and The Dublin Guinness Advisor as we entered our first lockdown.

6) Elephant's Cooling Down

Enjoy the elephant's cooling down on a summer's day.

5) Smore's

When the first lockdown hit, we went heavy on the recipe videos and you guys really enjoyed the Smore's one.

4) Dance Like Nobody's Watching


Just posted before Christmas, these guys were keeping warm by dancing.

3) Stanley's Birthday

During the first lockdown, Stanley's family made sure they celebrated his 90th birthday the only way they could.

2) Tree of Life

The Tree of Life, which was carved using only a chainsaw, really impressed you guys.

1) The Hungry Tree


The Tree of Life is cool and all, but the Hungry Tree stole 2020. This 80-year-old London Plane tree, located on the grounds of King's Inns, is slowly eating this park bench which dates back to the 1800s.