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14th May 2021

We tried out the new flotation therapy spot in Stillorgan to help us relax

Alan Fisher

Drift Float

After the year we’ve just had, I couldn’t pass up trying out Drift in Stillorgan.

Drift has only been open for about a month so the place is still sparkling new and I was excited to check it out.

Here is how I got on:

First things first, if you don’t know flotation therapy or sensory deprivation therapy, it’s basically a big bath filled with a lot of salt so you can float and the room is pitch black.

Oh, and you’re naked.

I’ve only ever done one of these sessions before, a long time ago, but I remember that it can be hard to relax.

You go in with the expectation of automatically falling into a deep, cosy state of relaxation but no, it ain’t that easy at first.

The main problem here is that your expectation hinders you. It’s like when you can’t sleep and you get annoyed at yourself that you can’t sleep which further hinders your sleeping.

What’s important here is to let go of any effort to try and relax and just treat it like you were lying on your couch at home. Spending time concentrating on your breathing really helps as well if you’re mind is running wild.

If you have previous experience meditating, this will definitely stand to you.

Everybody that I know who does them all says the same thing, it gets better and better each time you go. Again, like meditation.

The first time you can find yourself in that battle to relax and if I’m honest, that only dropped for me about halfway through and then I was finally a bit more relaxed.

When you are able to completely relax, it is an absolutely wonderful experience.

It can feel almost trippy at moments as you feel like you are floating around in space with no weight on your body and not being able to see a thing.

Both times I’ve done it now, I’ve pretty much been asleep as the hour ends and you are woken with soft music to bring you back to earth.

If I could offer a bit of advice, which definitely helped me this time, is try different positions with your arms.

When they were by my side, my neck started to hurt a bit so I stretched them overhead and it did wonders for my back and neck. It also helped me to relax a lot more.

Find your groove and enjoy it.

After leaving Drift, I definitely felt like a weight had been lifted. I was lighter and a lot more energized.

It’s hard to describe an experience like this in full but I would definitely recommend heading out to Drift and giving it a go.

What’s nice about Drift is that they also have a Salt Cave which is also great for relaxing. I popped in here for 20 minutes before my float session which helped me relax.

Drift have first-time offers for both of their therapies.

€35 for the Slat Cave and €50 for the Float Tanks.