What is Vietnamese iced coffee and where can you get it in Dublin?

By Katy Thornton

August 26, 2022 at 9:28am


Vietnamese Iced Coffee is about to be your new fave summer drink.


I tried my first Vietnamese coffee last summer and boy did it not disappoint. Having heard about it from my much cooler, well-travelled friends who have actually been to Vietnam, I was intrigued to know what all the fuss was about. Essentially, Vietnamese coffee is served with condensed milk instead of regular milk, making it much sweeter without the need for sugar or syrups. Cà phê sửa đá is made using dark, coarse beans, grown in Vietnam, using a metal drip to filter it.

It's not the easiest to find in Dublin, but these spots below do serve up a lovely Vietnamese iced coffee.

Community Coffee

Location: Dundrum 

This little coffee hatch set up outside Uncle Tom's Cabin is where I sampled my first Vietnamese iced coffee and effectively began the obsession. Community Coffee is a lovely little spot for some treats and coffee, easily missed but 100% worth a visit.

Watch how it's made below.

Two Pups Coffee

Location: Francis Street

One of my recent finds for a Vietnamese iced coffee is Two Pups. They have indoor and outdoor seating, so definitely grab a chair and enjoy your coffee al fresco.


Jolin's Vietnamese Coffee House

Location: Clanbrassil Street Upper

It should come as no surprise that Jolin's serves Vietnamese iced coffee, in various forms, including this Ca Phê Trứng, or egg coffee. This beverage is typically made with egg yolk, condensed milk, sugar, and robusta coffee. Although closed on Sundays, Jolin's opens Monday to Saturday until 9pm.

The Cheeky Piglet

Location: Fumbally Lane

I'm feeling very grateful that The Cheeky Piglet, a stone's throw from our office building, is one of the few Dublin spots that serves Vietnamese iced coffee. Very grateful indeed.

Chew Brew

Location: Aungier Street 


Chew Brew is another spot that does Vietnamese iced coffee in Dublin, right in the city centre. They do more than just  bubble tea.

Two Fifty Square

Location: Rathmines

Dublin 6 locals will be able to nab a Vietnamese iced coffee in Two Fifty Square, ideal now that the weather is getting warmer.

Vice Coffee

Location: Middle Abbey Street

Vice Coffee opens daily 11am to 6pm, and they have a stunning range of iced drinks, including the Vietnamese coffee.

The Good Food Store


Location: Ballsbridge

Known primarily for their sambos and catering, you can also pop into The Good Food Store for a bevvy, including a fabulous range of iced drinks.

Breakaway Coffee

Location: Dún Laoghaire 

New to the menu at Breakaway Coffee & Bikes is none other than, you guessed it, the Vietnamese iced coffee, just in time for iced coffee szn.

I know personally it will be a struggle to order anything else this summer except Vietnamese iced coffee.

Header image via Instagram/communitycoffeedundrum

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