Brand Guidelines

Maintaining a clean brand identity is very important to us at the Lovin Group. A consistent visual identity enforces the ideal that we are a publication with a unified voice.

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The Logo

When you use the Lovin Dublin logo, make sure to provide adequate padding to the logo to give it enough breathing space and to set it apart from other elements. This padding should be half the height of the logo itself.

The logo should not be modified in any way.

Logo Guidelines

  • Use the official colours as outlined in the guide to the right
  • Don't skew, rotate or stretch the logo in any way.
  • Don't change the color of the logo.
  • Don't add any filter such as a shadow, outline or glow to the logo.

Minimum Logo Height : 30px

Thats Ok!

Thats Ok!

Thats Ok!

Thats Not Ok

Thats Not Ok

Thats Not Ok


There are two main colours in use on Lovin Dublin. These must be used whenever and wherever possible, with attention to primary actions, clarity and contrast.



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By downloading our assets, you agree to follow to the guidelines above as well as our general terms of service.