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03rd Dec 2021

This Dublin cookie company has us in floods of tears with their Christmas ad

Katy Thornton

And it’s just in time for National Cookie Day!

We are a sucker for a good Christmas advert. They have the uncanny ability to stir our emotions with their sweetness, similar to the nature of a Pixar film, or looking at a photograph of puppies. We have swooned over the Arnotts ad, the Aldi ad, and now we have the Hot Chip Christmas Advert 2021. National Cookie Day is tomorrow, 4th December, so it has come at the exact right time.

We don’t want to spoil it too much; you should just give it a watch! The advert focuses on a theme of loneliness at this time of year, and how to overcome this. It emphasises the importance of checking in with our friends, our family, and especially those we don’t speak to all the time. And what better way is there to connect with those around us than through food? Cookies, to be specific.

Brb, we’re just going to wipe that piece of glass out of our eyes. We’re not crying, you are!

Header image via Instagram/hotchipdublin

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