The 10 Best Things Spotted On #Lovindublin This Week


A couple of weeks ago we introduced our community #Lovindublin reviews on Instagram. It is a tool that allows all Dubliners review restaurants, take amazing food pics and share them with us all to drool over. All you have to do is take a picture and tag it with #Lovindublin where it will then be found by Dubliners, it will appear on this page and could get featured in this new weekly post where we highlight the best food the city has to offer. Adding a score means that it keeps restauranteurs honest at all times as the city starts swarming with 100s of restaurant reviewers every single lunch time. Get ready to drool over these day boys.

10th. Goregous Eggs

What does one so when not working brunch? Check out the competition of course! Eggs Benny at The Table Restaurant are beautifully presented and taste pretty legit. Service is a little slow but friendly enough. #brunch #eggs #sunday #lovindublin

9th. Healthy Sushi

#lovindublin Nice sushi at Yamamouri. You can get better at Miche in Ranelagh, but this is pretty close. 7/10 #minireview

8th. Epic Black Pudding

The nicest black pudding I've ever had, made into a fancy starter! #starter #fridaynight #lmulligangrocers #lovindublin #delish

7th. Seeing Pasta Being Made

Karl making Artichoke Heart #Agnolotti with #Parmesan #Spinach and #Truffle #DublinFoodPorn #DublinRestaurants #Pasta #FreshPasta

6th. Some Serious cake

#indulgent #chocolate #espresso #cake at #thepepperpot in #Powerscourt. Surprisingly #light, but still #comfortfood. #lovindublin #Dublin #foodporn

5th. Breakfast With A Twist

Moroccan Special Brunch @ Brother Hubbards Super flavours, super filling 7/10 #lovindublin #brotherhubbards

4th. Super Fish

Crab croquettes. Unbelievable @supermisssue #lovindublin #minireviews 9/10

3rd. Jamie's Cheat Day

@lovindublin #cheatday #lovindublin

2nd. Bad Ass Slow Mo

Slow mo food porn.

1st. Amazing Fry Up

Tasty breakfast/brunch in Weafer & Cooper in Glasthule. Bread was delish, poached eggs and bacon were good too. Pudding a little overdone. Service was excellent. 7/10 #lovindublin #minireview

So if you are not drooling after those I don't know what will do it for you! The best thing about this is that is makes Dublin cooler which has always been our mission. With 500 reviews already left it means that Dublin restaurants will be kept on their toes and every single one of you have a voice. Get tagging now and just add #Lovindublin

Written By

Niall Harbison

Niall founded Lovin' Dublin with a few fairly simple aims: discover new places to eat in Dublin and share simple recipes cooked up in his kitchen.