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20th Dec 2016

The 10 best things spotted On #Lovindublin this week


We love finding and sharing the best things in Dublin with you here on the blog but we also encourage you guys to take photos with #lovindublin on either Twitter or Instagram. The standard seems to get better every single week and just firing up the Hashtag has us drooling and loving the city we live in. Here are the top 10 things we have spotted you guys sharing this week.

10th.Mexican Salad

Salads can get a little boring (although check out these best ones in Dublin to get inspired) but this mexican treat looks anything but. Amazingly fresh and vibrant.

9th.Beary Nice

Street art is starting to play a bigger role in our little city and although they usually take hours or days to paint this one is so simple yet so creative we can’t stop admiring it.

8th.Lemon Curd

The exchequer have been getting rave reviews since they opened their new high end wine bar in Ranelagh and as you can see the food is not too bad. Want!


This old style bar on Dawson Street is the hip new place for a drink but their food is also pretty special with some epic dishes like this to keep you happy. Drool

6th.J2 Sushi

We love seeing accounts that promote Dublin and the guys in CHQ (down in the IFSC) were clearly very happy with their sushi in J2 (which made our best sushi in Dublin list).

5th.Heaven In The Fumbally

We can’t stop eating in the Fumbally and it seems to be getting busier every time we are there. When you see pulled pork dishes like this you can see why!


4th.Road Block

No matter how bad the traffic is in Dublin you can usually find a way to get around it but when you get stuck on the East Link like this there is just nothing you can do.


We have been urging restaurants to embrace Instagram for some time now and although the photos are great when you see videos like this you can see where the real potential is. Super creative use of the platform.

2nd.Best Food In Dublin?

I think that Forrest Avenue is the best food in Dublin at the moment and this picture does nothing to make me think otherwise. Stunning.

1st.Lovin Sunset

We see hundreds of people sharing stunning photos of the sun rising and setting in Dublin every week. They often feature the iconic bridges and the Liffey. Although they are all gorgeous we think this could be one of the most iconic we’ve ever seen.

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