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20th Dec 2016

The 10 best things spotted On #Lovindublin this week


We love finding and sharing the best things in Dublin with you here on the blog but we also encourage you guys to take photos with #lovindublin on either Twitter or Instagram. The standard seems to get better every single week and just firing up the Hashtag has us drooling and loving the city we live in. Here are the top 10 things we have spotted you guys sharing this week.

10th.South Of France?

The way this summer has started (lets not mention the last 2 days) you could be mistaken for thinking we are in the South of France at times. This photo does nothing to dispel that myth.

9th.Cute Overload

There are swans all over the city from the canals down to the docks and even in St Stephens Green. When you get baby swans you have insanely cute pics like this taken.

8th.Super Refreshing

With all the hot weather in the summer you need to find a way to cool down and these savage looking cocktails in the Grafton lounge look like they are right up our street!

7th.Early Morning Jog

We get a ton of sunset photos on here but you have to be up early (just before 5 these days) to get a picture like this of the sun coming up. Stunning.

6th.A Classic Combo

This picture was taken out in the lovely Seapoint restaurant and it features a classic combo of scallops and black pudding. Absolutely yummy.

5th.Lovin Canals

We sometimes take the canals a little for granted in Dublin but they do play an important role throughout the capital. These pics show just how iconic they can be at times.

4rd.Avocado And Eggs

We love it when people cook our recipes and then take photos of them. If anything we’d say these look nearly as good as Emma’s own original version. Fair play.

3rd.Giddy Up

A classic picture taken down in the liberties that reminds us of what Dublin used to be like and the small pockets of it which still remain. Gorgeous.

2nd.Hardware Store

During the celtic tiger we went for super fancy high end bars but this new hardware shop / bar called Mary’s just off Grafton Street shows how much things have changed for the better.

1st.Epic Chimneys

This week has seen loads of debate about the poolbeg chimneys possibly getting knocked down. We thought it only fitting that this stunning shot captures Dublin at it’s most beautiful.

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