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20th Dec 2016

Donate A Price Of A Pint To Help Our #DublinForSyria Fund


We had an incredible success last week with our #DublinForSyria fundraiser – an astonishing 30 Dublin establishments took part, donating a euro per customer, and the reaction we got from the public was nothing short of phenomenal.

And today, we’re so proud to announce we raised over €10,000 for Unicef.

But there’s still more to do

But we want to raise more, so we are asking you all to pledge a few quid to our #DublinForSyria fund.

It’s fairly simple – we want you to donate the price of the sneaky Sunday pint you’d have drank today if it wasn’t pissing rain.

Think a small amount won’t make a difference? Think again, because according to Unicef:

  • €23 can provide enough water purifying tablets for one child for a whole month, giving them the clean water they need to survive.
  • €42 can provide emergency food for one child for two weeks.
  • €99 can allow a deeply traumatised child to attend play therapy to put an end to the trauma they have experienced.

Click here to donate here – and don’t forget to spread the word!