It's Here... The Ultimate Lovin Dublin #YesEquality Playlist!

Did we leave anything out?


This day is one we're going to want to remember for a long time.

Not only are we massively hopeful for a positive result when the count takes place tomorrow, but we're also enjoying being swept up in the atmosphere that's enveloped Dublin today – and we love how this campaign has shown us that there's a real appetite for change and improvement amongst the people of this wonderful city and country.

So that we'll always remember how we felt today, and this weekend, we've put together this Ultimate #YesEquality Playlist for you all. Six hours of positive, melodic brilliance to stick on in the office today – or if you can't do that, to stick on your headphones while you work, while you eat lunch, while you walk home and most importantly of all, while you vote.

Anything we've left out? Comment below and let us know! Otherwise, though, enjoy – let's make some amazing memories.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan