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20th Dec 2016

Mobile Home Holidays And Bray’s Brilliance: The Top 10 Articles On Lovin Dublin This Week


It was a busy week for us in Lovin Dublin, as the clouds finally started to feck off and for the first time this year we’ve felt like summer was an attainable goal. This is the time of year when the city starts to seriously kick into life… and we’re poised with our finger on the button to capture the spirit of the city and stick it on your screens.

Missed anything along the way? Now’s your chance to catch up before you kick into the week…

1. 24 Things You’ll Remember If You Went On Holidays To Wexford As A Child In The 90s

We never thought we’d see the day when a rain-soaked mobile home window would propel an article to the top of the charts here at Lovin Dublin, but there you go.

From crazy golf in Pirate’s Cove to first kisses at the Orphan Girl disco, this is nostalgia gold for those of us who used to holiday in the Sunny Southeast.

raintime-1 1

2. 47 Things Bray Has That You Simply Won’t Get In Dublin

My my, weren’t we just obsessed with the counties to our south this week?

The people of Bray rallied around this piece and sent it up to the second position – though they’ll be raging they didn’t take the top spot from Wexford.


3. This Compilation Of ‘People Who Fell In The Mud During Slane’ Sums Up Everyone’s Weekend

Because who wouldn’t click on this? Seriously?


4. Quiz – Try Pass The Irish Leaving Cert Exam In One Minute

The Leaving Cert is upon us – well, not us, but our teenage population – so we thought it was time to crack out this old classic. We followed it up with another quiz later in the week, both of which should help you to relive those glory days of your education. Yay!

1406594461234 wps 2 A stock photo of teenage

5. The 10 Places With The Highest Hipster Density Per Square Foot In Dublin

An oldie but a goldie. The love-hate relationship with the term ‘hipster’ continues apace…


6. 33 Photos That Prove Ireland Has Hands-Down The Greatest Coastline In The World

Bray, Wexford and now the coastline… ah, the summer mentality is certainly setting in!

LovinDublin Irish Coastline22

7. The Paddy Power Shop On Baggot Street Looks A Little Different This Morning

I just can’t put my finger on what it is…


8. 44 Things Cork Has That You Simply Won’t Get In Dublin

Much like the hurling team in the first All Ireland Final in 2013, Cork just refuses to die – this article is three weeks old now, but once again retains its place in our top 10.


9. The Top 10 Outdoor Food Markets in Dublin For Summer 2015

What was that we were saying about getting into the summer mood?


10. This Graffiti Sums Up Absolutely Everything We Love About Dublin Humour

Oh Dublin. Please don’t ever change.

graffiti 1

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