Open Thread: Who Did You Get In Your Euros Office Pool, And How Do You Feel About It?

Sorry Turkey – it's nothing personal, but REALLY?


Today isn't just any old Friday – it's Euros Kick-Off Friday.

In just a few hours, the world will become a much happier and footballier place, as even those who usually spurn the game are lured into its clutches for a few weeks.

Of course, aside from Ireland's involvement, there's also one big point of interest surrounding the upcoming tournament: the office pool.

Right about now, draws are taking place in offices right across the nation, and people are discovering which nation they're going to develop a serious grá for in the coming weeks.

So who did you get – and how do you feel about it?

Let us know below. 

(And to get things started, I got England and Turkey. So I might as well just throw my tenner in the bin.)

Written By

Aidan Coughlan