POLL: Is It Acceptable For A Fully Grown Adult To Expect A Selection Box For Christmas?

Can you REALLY get too old for chocolate?

Selection Box

We all want to re-live our childhoods a little at Christmas time and one typically Irish way of doing that is by indulging in selection boxes.

You'll get plenty of 20-somethings receiving selection boxes from their parents every year in an ironic-but-not-really sort of way, while others find themselves unaccountably cut off simply because "you're not a fucking child anymore, Seán". 

But can you really get too old for a magical selection of chocolate goodies assembled in one handy box? Have your say below...

Main pic: Sharon Laffan Magennis 

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Seán Kenehan

Seán is known for eating, drinking and writing, making him uniquely qualified to work for Lovin Dublin. Seán enjoys skipping stones wistfully, puns that'd make a dad blush, and referring to himself in the third person.