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20th Dec 2016

The 10 Best Things Spotted On #Lovindublin This Week


Every week we like to pick 10 of the best pictures that you guys share on both Twitter and Instagram using the #lovindublin hashtag. The quality of the pictures that you all share including food, drinks, events and Dublin in the sun put a huge smile on all our faces and help us all find great new stuff in our own city. The sun has been shining this week, there are a ton of festivals and you’ve all been eating great food. Here are the 10 best pictures we spotted…

10th. Perfect Dessert

This looks like an absolutely perfect dessert that is nearly too good to get stuck into. The ice cream perfectly perched on top! Epic treat!

9th. 1000 Words

Sometimes people take photos and you have no idea what is going on or what the story is. I’d love to know what that woman is thinking looking out over Dublin day but probably never will.

8th. Fade Street Wow

Fade street always serve up great food and looking at this dish you have to say they know how yo serve it up looking it’s best too. Pure theatre.

7th. Lobster And Crab Cake

Sometimes you have very little to say about a picture. All we will say is not only does it look incredible but it also has lobster and crab in it. What more would you want?

6th. Slick Street Art

The street art in Dublin is getting better by the week. People are finally starting to see it can add to a city.

5th. Now That Is A Burger

Not everybody is mad about the huge burger that you can’t fit into your mouth but no doubt that if you want the biggest burger money can buy then JoBurger is where you should head!

4th. City By Bike

When the sun shines Dubliner’s start to explore their city by bike even more than normal. This picture is what Dublin is all about for us in the summer months.

3rd. Our Beautiful City

The sun has been shining for weeks now and word on the street is there is lots more good weather to come. We’d be surprised if we saw another picture this good.

2nd. Epic Dublin

Flick through these pics. Nothing we can really add with words!

1st. Bloody Hell!!

The latest trend from NY of serving all sorts on top of the drink has been taken to a new level by a Dublin bar. This is just incredible!!!

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