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The 10 Most Embarrassing things Members of the Lovin Dublin Community Did On Valentine's Day

By annanolan

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


On Tuesday we launched a Valentine's Day Competition asking our community to submit their most embarrassing Valentine's Day experience. All entrants were in with the chance of winning a dinner for two in the Morrison Hotel for this Saturday, with thanks to Deep River Rock Water. Here are the top ten entries we received...

Underground Carpark

Last Valentine's Day I cycled over to a girls house that I was seeing to surprise her. I got in past security and snook down to the car park where I was going to surprise the love of my life with a rose and a teddy. As planned I had arranged with her pick me up in her car somewhere and I had cycled over to hers and catch her on the hop. But, what i didn't know was she had moved her car. Too add to this my battery was about to die so I had no way of actually contacting her let her had my plan gone tits up. Which it did, of course. So after about an hour of waiting in a freezing cold under ground car park. ( which I was locked into) I started to wonder was I in the right place at all. To my horror I walked away from the door and saw her car was not where it usually is. So at this stage I was locked downstairs, with no phone a rose in my hand and a shitty teddy from Easons... 2 and a half hours later, yes, 2 and a half hours later!!! I heard the buzzer activated elevator start to move, I panicked, I ran over teary eyed and emotional with the rose in my mouth only to find the very well fed security guard with a flash light looking at me as if I had robbed his mother. She had left, hours ago. Got to my house and thought I had blanked her. Txt me to tell me fuck myself and met other friends. While I was pissing in the corner of a car park wondering where my life went wrong.


Washing Machine

Was woken up by Flatmate no:1 at about 6am. Grand as I was still quite drunk at the time. Very awkward the next morning-especially as I couldn't find my underwear ANYWHERE. Didn't expect to hear anything from him any time soon because of my drunken antics. The excitement when I got a text a day later..only to see " Mark (aka Flatmate 2) found your thong in the washing machine,covered in sick & wrapped in our bathroom towel. Cheers, Eoin" Oh the embarrassment of it all. Especially sharing it in the hope of winning a dinner this year for me and my boyfriend (will also be our 2nd anniversary)...and yes,yes I have a boyfriend now believe it or not.



I have been with me moth since we were sixteen. Three years ago it was our 10th year celebrating valentines. While my GF was out shopping with her Sister, Mother and Gran for her Sisters wedding dress. I spent hours at home drunk on love cooking a lovely meal, oysters, venison with a chocolate sauce and even made a heart shaped chocolate tart. The works. Just to spice things up I lit a load of candles and arranged them in a big love heart on the living room floor and waited there with me lad out. I was lying there bollock naked with chocolate dipped strawberries balanced on me belly!!!! Shortly after I hear the key in the door, ready for a bit of action I assumed the pose ;). The door creaks open and In walks her feckin Gran switching on the living room light. Absolutely morto!! Its an ongoing joke now at Christmas etc whenever a strawberries in sight. Absolute joke shop.



About 4 years ago I booked a table in a really nice restaurant, everything went well and the food was great, however when it came to paying for the meal I only had 50 euro on me and no money on my card and the meal came to €110, after telling her that it was going to be my treat and she didn't need to bring any money she had to go to the bank in the pouring rain and get the rest of the money to pay for the meal. She came back soaked and not impressed on the slightest. Surprisingly, we are not seeing each other anymore.


Prank Call

I had a big crush on a cute guy when i was 14 and i called his house repeatedly but i'd just hang up when his parents answered (they always did). After about 8 calls, his parents rang my mine to ask why we were pranking their home - they had caller ID! I was made ring back and apologise. Not surprisingly, I never got to date the guy


His And Hers

Worn matching his-n-hers shiny Adidas tracksuits


I Hate Peas

The beginning of my relationship, my boyfriend invited me for a party in his father's house. I was very nervous, because all his friends was there to know me. So, while I dressed up I drank to feel more relaxed. When my boyfriend arrived to take me, I was a little drunk... When we arrive there, he introduced me to everybody and talk with his father, when he said me: "I did a fish with peas". And I replied "oh, great." And he "oh, great, I'm afraid that my son's girlfriend would be choosy"... I smiled, and... My God!!! I panicked!!! I HATE PEAS... So, I drank more and more. When we sat to eat, everybody looked at me, and I ate, ate... And in Brazil, everybody offers more food for you, and sometimes for older people is embarrassing refuse... So, I ate a lot. And drank as well. I was VERY drunk, and full... After the diner when I talked with my boyfriend's dad in his veranda and play with dogs, I started to feel sick... And, suddenly I throw up!!! In front of him!!! Really, soooo embarrassing!!! But, would be worst... And was! A dog came and start to EAT!!!! I didn't have words to say nothing... And in that moment I had sure that my relationship was over... Hahaha but, after this, my boyfriend and his dad was very nice with me... Make fun, of course. But that's ok! Hahahaha and the most important: all the family know that I don't eat peas now... Hahaha this history happened 5 years ago, and now we are engaged! A happy end for my catastrophic night! Hahahaha



Being a very underpaid teacher I decided to join in with my senior infant art lesson and make, my now hubby, a valentine card instead of buying one. He was delighted with it and said he'd treasure it forever! (Hhhmm!) The following year I completely forgot to get himself a card so decided to pull out the same home-made card from the year before which he loved so much. Gave it to him for Valentines again and he (again) loved it and said he'd treasure it forever! I've never told him this story as I wanna see how many years I can get away with giving him the same card without him twigging it!


To My Wife

My best and most embarrassing!!! We got engaged on Valentines day in 2002.... ( stone age I know ha ha ), but it was a complete surprise to me, so later that evening on my way home from work, I rushed into to get a lovely "fiancee" card, pick it out paid for it and wrote it when I got home......... He opened it and it said "To my WIFE" I will NEVER live it down but in fairness we are married 10 years this year, so I must be doing something right


And The Winner....

Flooded Hotel Room

I flooded a hotel room (and the one underneath) in a very popular well established hotel in Dublin city centre ... I was trying to be romantic and surprise my other half with a bubbly bath ... but I fell asleep (he was already snoring too ) I woke up the next morning obolvious to what damage I had caused even tho I did notice the floor a bit damp I thought it was from a spilled jug perhaps ... I was in a rush to go to work so ran out of the room kissing my other half all full of the joys ... he was a bit grumpy tho with me when I was leaving ... I took it that he had a sore head from drinking the night before so off I went on my merry way ... I rang my other half at lunch time and to my dismay he told me the events of the night before ... at 3 am the manager and 3 maintenance men were banging on the door ... I was the one who was snoring this time lol ... my partner let them in and only then did he notice the damp floor ... they all went into the bathroom and there it was ... The bath over flowing bubbles everywhere ... I slept through all the commotion (lady purring) and didn't know any of this had happened ... even when I was saying goodbye to the receptionist as i left the hotel that morning ... she was asking me would my partner be leaving soon too I was saying "oh know Mr F is having a lie on " now I know why she was asking me that and looking at me funny .... we were lucky to get away with a €500 charge on visa card for damages but I always giggle to myself everytime I think of the story


Some of these guys just weren't thinking straight when this happened. When you can't think straight, Hydrate. If you didn't win this prize why not Try out Deep RiverRock's NEW hydration game with a chance to win a Samsung Tablet.


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