The Top 10 Most Read Articles on Lovin Dublin This Week

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1. 33 Amazing Things Galway Has That You Won't Get In Dublin


2. 12 Great New Dublin Eateries Which Have Popped Up In Recent Months


3. The Top 10 Cups Of Coffee To Try In Dublin In 2015


4. 41 Things Dublin Has That You Won't Get Anywhere Else In The World


5. This Tipp Café Put Up A Yes Poster In Its Window – And Got A Seriously Nasty Note In The Post


6. This Super-Sweet New Dublin Patisserie Opens Today And Looks Amazing


7. 39 Stunning Photographs That Will Make You Want To Give Dublin A Massive Hug


8. Can You Guess These 16 Dublin Locations From Our Picture Clues?


9. 7 Incredible Smoothie Recipes To Kickstart Your Four-Day Week


10. Netflix Launch One Of The Best Chef Documentaries Shows Ever Seen


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