#ThrowbackThursday: School Lunches


Throwback Thursday is great for a bit of oul reminiscing and with back to school only around the corner, it got us thinking about our (thankfully long ago) school lunches. Here in the office we were partial to a jam sandwich (with the crusts cut off, natch), a Petit Filous and of course a treat of a Penguin bar. 

These days however, school lunches are a decidedly more regulated affair - many schools have healthy eating guidelines in place and you'll rarely see a fizzy drink or packet of Tayto in a classroom, something we think is obviously good but we wonder do kids now gloat over who got the best apple instead of chocolate bar?


So here's your open thread: tell us your school lunches, from best to worst. Was it the time you triumphantly swapped a plain cheese sandwich for chicken and tomato? Have you too experienced the cruel disappointment of opening your lunchbox to find bread and butter with a solitary clementine?* Reminisce with us in the comments! There may even be a prize for the best one....

*Still haven't recovered from that one. 

Written By

Nicola McNally