We're Building An 'Ultimate Cheese' Collaborative Playlist For The Long Weekend – Add Your Songs To It Here!

We've already got MC Hammer, B*Witched and Haddaway's What Is Love... so what's next?


Sure, we could spend the weekend discovering new bands, emerging talents and deep-level cerebral tuneage that will resonate with us on a profoundly intellectual level.

Or we could just take a few days to luxuriate in some awful crap that happens to come with a great melody.

Yeah, let's do that so.

We've started building the Ultimate Cheese Spotify playlist – but there's so much fantastic awful music out there that we couldn't possibly handle this task on our own. So we've opened it up and made it collaborative, meaning that anyone can add their tunes – just click here to open it on Spotify, and drag and drop to your heart's content.

Enjoy, cheesemongers!

Click here to open the list on Spotify

Written By

Aidan Coughlan