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Complete This Quick Survey For A Chance To Win A Night Out At Urchin For You And Your Mates

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We know it’s not even Christmas yet, but we’re already busy planning a treat for you and your mates to beat the January blues. 

We have a fabulous night out for eight people at Urchin on St. Stephen’s Green to celebrate a special occasion in 2018… even if that special occasion is just a Tuesday! 

No matter how chilly it is outside, the beach-inspired cocktail bar will cheer your spirits, and you’ll be treated to cocktails and tasting platters to fully immerse yourself in the Urchin seaside experience. 

And since Urchin’s kitchen stays open almost as long as the bar, it’s the perfect spot for late night bites.

May we draw your attention to these delicious Ferrero Rocher cocktails… 

And these bitesize seafood tapas… 

Not to mention amazing daily lunch specials…


Hungry? Simply fill out the survey below to win this amazing evening at Urchin for you and eight of your mates!  

Click HERE if you can’t see the survey.

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