Sinéad's Interview: 'I Had A Heated Argument With The Panel. I Ended Up Yelling A Lot.'

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Sinéad’s story

I went for a fantastic job that I really wanted, so I was willing to pull out all the stops – and since my friend worked in the company, I called her before the interview and asked what I thought were pretty basic questions.

She got me some fantastic answers from her boss, but her boss unfortunately was on the panel – and as I walked in, I saw the word “CANVASSED” in big red letters across my file.

Now it didn’t help that on that particular day I had the period from hell and was “emotionally charged”, but as the panelists explained to me that I had an unfair advantage I started getting a bit, let’s say, defensive.

I ended up having a heated argument with the three of them...

Basically telling them they were exploiting their workers, underpaying them, disrespecting the profession and generally being unethical.

And to top it all off, I ended the interview by shouting: “You think you’re so great, well you’re not – and everyone knows it.”

I didn’t get the job (surprised?) but I did get a very detailed letter in the post letting me know why I was unsucessful.

But at least it wasn’t a restraining order – see, there’s always a silver lining! 

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