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20th Dec 2016

Reward Your Office With The Ultimate Day Of Decadent Deliveries!


We all deserve to be rewarded once in a while.

And this week, with the help of the guys at permanent tsb, we’re giving you the opportunity to not only reward yourself – but your ENTIRE office too! 

Tell me more!


Strap yourself in, because we’ve teamed up with permanent tsb to deliver the ultimate day of foodie rewards.  All day long we’ll be calling to hungry offices around Dublin,  doling out delicious grub in the shape of coffees, doughnuts, pizzas or salads for you and your colleagues to chow down on! 



The ultimate winner will get rewarded with a day that starts  off with coffee and doughnuts upon arrival from Aungier Danger…


Followed up with a delicious Middle Eastern lunch feast, courtesy of Tang by Yogism – one of Dublin’s hottest new venues that you just have to explore soon.

And THEN, we round off the day with…

Pizza? Please say pizza…

You got it. PIZZA! And not just any pizza – but delicious slices of magic from the Dublin Pizza Company, who have just opened up on Aungier Street and have to be tasted to be believed.


So. Want in?

Yes please! How do I enter?

It’s simple. All you need to do is take a photo of you, or a colleague, and explain why they deserve this unreal reward – tweet us here @LovinDublin and use the hashtag #LovinRewards.

We’ll pick the ones who tug on the heartstrings most damn effectively!

Awh! And what about everyone else?

Never fear  – permanent tsb have got you covered! We’ll also be selecting a number of offices to have some coffees, doughnuts, pizzas or salads dropped off to them on the big day. So your chances, fair to say, are rather fair. 

Love it?

So do we. So get tweeting, and don’t forget to use the #LovinRewards hashtag and permanent tsb might just drop by with rewards and turn Friday into Fri-yay.

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