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20th Dec 2016

‘I Ended Up In Berlin With A Rectangular Scar In The Shape Of Hitler’s Moustache. Not Ideal.’


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By Claire Dennehy

Last year I was starting a tour of Europe in Amsterdam, when a few days in I tripped on a tramline and completely battered my face.

I ended up in Berlin with a rectangular scar in the shape of Hitler’s moustache. Not appropriate at the Holocaust memorial or touring WW2 sites.

Due to the swelling I struggled to eat or drink, and after a long day’s walking in the heat I ended up having seizures at night time due to electrolyte imbalance, and ended up on a drip in Dubrovnik.

I’ve never been so happy to come home…

I was told to stay out of the sun and stay away from alcohol. I finished up my holiday in Italy where I got into the shower, then somehow hit off dial that set it to full heat, scalding most of my body.

I backed away to escape the water but the shower was so small there was nowhere to go, and I had to immerse myself fully to turn it off. I sat crying for ages in fear of getting shock due to the scald.

I’ve never been so happy to come home…

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