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This Dublin App Lets You Send Someone Flowers With A Selfie

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There’s now an app out there that all you romantic types need to be aware of: Bloomtown.

This is Dublin’s first flower-sending app and mobile site and it offers a unique twist on the old tradition, in that it lets you personalise your bouquet and send it with a selfie.

So whether you want to surprise a family member, be ridiculously romantic, or send someone a hilarious message, this selfie option gives you so many possibilities to play with.

Not to mention the fact that since the app allows you to have flowers delivered anywhere around Dublin, making sweet gestures has become effortless. Being thoughtful has never been this easy.  

Bloomtown bouquets are designed to have that ‘just picked from the garden’ look and they provide the freshest flowers you can get. All bouquets come arranged in their own vases, wrapped in tissue paper and hand-tied with ribbon. 

Check out their offerings.

We’ve teamed up with Bloomtown to give away a bouquet of personalised flowers for your best friend both tomorrow and Monday of next week.

For your chance to win a special bunch of flowers this Bloomin Buddy Monday, simply send us a pic — your smiling face, a picture of your best friend or something you know would cheer them up (think puppies!) — and we’ll deliver a fresh bouquet of flowers to them that very afternoon. 

We’ll post a Bloomtown picture on our Facebook page on Monday morning at 8am, where you can post your picture in the comment section. The winner will be chosen at 10am that day and will have their fresh flowers that afternoon!

Know anybody in dire need of a pick me up?

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