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20th Dec 2016

WIN! €400 Worth of Food For Your Office – Be The Office Hero!


Deliveroo have just arrived in Dublin – oh, the relief! You can now order meals from Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Little Ass Burritos, Carluccio’s and Asador straight to your door in 32 minutes. Looking for a feed but too lazy to trek to that restaurant you love? The ROO man is here to help!

How does Deliveroo work?

Simply go to their site, enter your fulll address and search through the array of available restaurants. A few clicks later and you are good to go. Deliveroo promises to get you your feed in around 32 minutes. It’s a bit of a no brainer, right?



Deliveroo have kindly given us a whopper prize to give to one lucky office in Dublin, the prize consists of:

  • €400 voucher for Deliveroo for your office (that will feed at least 15 hungry humans)!
  • €100 for the individual who enters the competition on behalf of their office. (Yes, everyone wants something for themselves)

For a chance to win an additional €50 voucher for Deliveroo, tweet ‘Join @Deliveroo so I can order from you! @chosenrestaurant @deliveroo_dub #JoinDeliveroo’

Full terms and conditions here!