WIN! A Red Bull Fridge For Your Office – With An Endless Supply Of Red Bull

Ugh, when can I go home?

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Face it. You know the dreaded 'slump' is only around the corner.

It happens to the best of us – suddenly you find yourself gazing into the distance, completely ignoring your increasingly long to-do list, you spend 20 minutes scrolling through Facebook and realise you're not actually looking at anything. Yes.

The slump.

Fret not, though, because we've got the solution for you! Red Bull has kindly given us two unbelievable prizes for two lucky Dublin offices; A Red Bull Fridge for your office for a month, with an endless supply of Red Bull during that time.

The fridge will be full on delivery, and the Wings team will drop in once a week for the month to fill it back up – this should surely boost the city's productivity levels!


How To Enter

We will announce the winner at 2pm on Thursday 3 - G'luck everyone!

Written By

Anna Nolan

Anna's world revolves around three things: food, food and more food! #FitFam