WIN! A Hamper Full Of Guinness Sausages (And Other Meaty Treats)

Treat your pals to breakfast next weekend – but they can do the cooking

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Oh sausages, you meaty beauties. What more could you want? Extra-special ones, perhaps?

Well, these are Guinness Sausages. And to celebrate the weekend of rugby at hand, and the launch of Guinness Sausages to the world, we're giving away a luxury hamper of Guinness Sausages and other delicious treats from award-winning Irish sausage manufacturer Sean Loughnane’s.

The good people at Guinness Sausages have just launched their website and they're promising great content over the next few weeks.  

Two incredible flavours are available – Guinness Stout & Leek and Guinness Stout & Onion – and both would make for a perfect cook-up this weekend.

Provided someone else does the cooking, that is...

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Sausage Onion 7

Written By

Graham Kinsella