WIN! Ten Pairs Of Tickets To The Beefeater Gin Lane Market

A lane full of gin... AWESOME!


This, right here, is your ticket to hopping the midweek hump.

Are you a gin lover? A lover of gin? Of course you are.

Well this, my friend, is the perfect event for you!

The Gin Lane Market is an event at Soder+Ko that explores all the potential of gin, and will give you the opportunity to experience a masterclass, learn the secrets of the distillation process, enjoy different botanical flavours and try your hand at creating bespoke gin and tonics. The Beefeater Gin Lane Market will run from Thursday to Sunday (1st – 4th October). Don't miss out!


We've ten pairs of tickets to give away to our community. The tickets gives you and your pal full access to the event at Soder+Ko and you'll even get a free drink upon arrival...

How fantastic does that sound?

To enter, just follow the instructions below...

Written By

Anna Nolan

Anna's world revolves around three things: food, food and more food! #FitFam