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20th Dec 2016

Win! Brunch and bubbles for you and 3 mates in Super Miss Sue


You might have gathered, that here at Lovin Dublin we’re a tiny bit obsessed with brunch, especially if you checked out this post yesterday – it’s our go to meal for weekends and is often the very best of everything a restaurant serves. So, keeping in with the brunch theme, this week we’re bringing you a very nice brunchtastic competition. Super Miss Sue is one of our favourite restaurants, the fish finger butty is a thing of true beauty and they want to treat you and 3 mates to a truly spectacular brunch.


The brunch menu in Super Miss Sue has everything you could want, they even serve American style shrimp and grits – proper morning after sole* food.


The Prize:

  • Brunch in Super Miss Sue for 4 people
  • Glass of Prosecco each
  • Coffees to finish

How to enter:

  • Tweet this post
  • Follow Super Miss Sue on Twitter
  • For bonus points, tell us a fishy joke in the comments – the more puntastic the better!

The winner will be picked and announced next week – good luck!

*yes that was a fish pun.