WIN! Exclusive Tickets To The Guinness And Oyster Festival At The Open Gate Brewery

Oysters + beer = all our dreams come true

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Want some good news to ease you back into your post-Bank Holiday existence? Of course you do.

To celebrate National Oyster Day and International Beer Day, The Open Gate Brewery are holding an exclusive Guinness and Oyster Festival this Friday, August 5. 

At which there will be beer and unlimited oysters. 

And they've given us five pairs of tickets to give away.

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Oysters and beer you say?

Yup. We all know Ireland offers some of the finest beers and oysters available in the whole world. 

But the two together are a dream.

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The team at Guinness have partnered with premium oyster farmers around the country including Harty Oysters, Carlingford Oyster Company, Kelly Oysters and Redbank Food Company.

They'll each be serving oysters in unique, tasty ways, with seasoning and dressings, to pair with and compliment Guinness beers. 

Sounds absolutely delish, right?


The lucky guests on the night will be treated to an interactive experience and an opportunity to engage with experts of both the brewing and of the oyster communities. 


But that's not all...

Before the Guinness and Oyster Festival kicks off oyster master and celeb chef, Simon Lamont, will be hitting the streets of Dublin in the Shuck Truck with Guinness beer experts.

To be in with the chance of the Shuck Truck dropping by your office with free oysters and Guinness beers tweet them here.


Wanna win those tickets?

Sure you do. All you gotta do is enter below. 

Written By

Aidan Coughlan