WIN! Two Tickets To The Hendrick's 'Chambers Of The Curious'

Curious eh? Read on so!


Have we got a great competition for you...

Hendrick's have been kind enough to give us two tickets to their sold out 'Chambers Of The Curious' event next Friday 27 November. The details of the event have been kept quite secretive so this is all the information we have so far...

  • It's a travelling show that has received a great response recently, and is being brought to these shores by Hendrick's
  • It takes about three hours to make it through the experience
  • You will leave the beige mundanity of the everyday for a gloriously upperclandial experience of the first order.
  • The Hendrick's Chambers of the Curious is a palace of curiosity which titillates, titivates and posgobulates patrons to explore and arouse their inquisitiveness.
  • You will take part in things that you have never even heard of in an eye-opening dérive of delightful distractions.

Intrigued? We thought you would be - enter below to be in the chance to win this awesome prize!

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