10 Million Tonnes Of Waste Are Set To Be Dumped In Dublin Bay

Local households have just received leaflets to alert them to the move


There are plans going ahead to dump 10 million tonnes of dredge waste in Dublin Bay and it is thought that the move was deliberately under-publicised.

While the Dublin Port Company (DPC) is in complete compliance with legal requirements to inform the public of plans of this nature, there has been speculation that announcement of the new plan, which will accommodate super cruise liners, was done in such a way as to minimise the amount of public attention.

The announcement was made via a newspaper notice over the August Bank Holiday Weekend, a time at which it may have been easily overlooked by residents of the Dublin Bay area.

The governing body of water sports, the Irish Underwater Council (IUC), told the EPA that “the company appears to have acted in a deliberate, pre-meditated and cynical fashion to drastically reduce the time available for third party submissions.”

The council referred that the method of disseminating information through a newspaper notice as "archaic."

In an effort to make sure that the local community is fully aware of the plan, Fine Gael's Stephanie Regan has distributed 20,000 leaflets to households along the north coast.

Third parties have one month from the date of the advertisement to file submissions against it, so if you wish to oppose this proposal the closing date to do so is August 31.

H/T Irishtimes.com.

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