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20th Dec 2016

11 Pics That Will Explain Why Everyone Is Losing Their Shit Over Five Guys

Alana Laverty

In case you hadn’t already heard, yesterday we broke the news that Five Guys is finally coming to Dublin. 

And if you haven’t already researched the menu in-depth and decided what you’re going to order first then what is wrong with you?

We straight up cannot wait and are already dreaming about our first bite.


Here are some pics to really show you how unbelievably tasty it’s gonna be.

Burger perfection

Does exist, and soon you will know exactly what it looks and tastes like.

The hotdogs of your dreams

You probably thought you didn’t have a dream hotdog. But you do. 

And it will soon be yours.

Milkshakes that will bring a tear to your eye

Because everything is better blended up with ice cream.

Especially bacon. 


Are a work of art. Quite simply. 

Are you ready? We are.

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