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05th Jan 2017

11 Types Of Annoying People You Will Always Find On Dublin Bus


The bus is great. It’s cheaper than driving, it’s drier than walking, and you feel like you’re doing a little bit for the environment.

But there are certain fellow commuters who make your travels just that bit insufferable. One of them can put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day, or further fray your nerves on the way home.

We all know the kind of people we’re talking about, like…

1. The spreader

A person who takes up more space than is really necessary and puts other people in an uncomfortable position, whether that’s the guy who doesn’t mind that you’re practically flat against the window, or the woman who insists on giving her bag a seat even though there are people standing.


2. The person with the loud music

This applies whether it’s a bunch of lads playing choons down the back of the bus, or the person beside you who doesn’t care that the music they’re listening to is so loud that everyone can sing along to ‘Hotline Bling’.

If we wanted to listen to music, we would have brought our own.

Loud Noises

3. The sniffler

Or, their worse cousin, the phlegmy cougher.

I get it, you can’t control the fact that you’re ill. But buy some tissues and take some medicine for God’s sake.


4. The loud person

I’ve had a long and tiring day at work. I don’t want to hear your phone conversation or how hilarious you and your friend are being.


5. The talker

Noticing a theme right? It starts off innocently enough – they want to ask a question. Then they try to draw you into a conversation. Can they not see the earphones?

No More Words

6. The window-opener

To be clear, I don’t mean that it’s always bad to open windows. But when it is legitimately freezing outside and I’m spending the next 20 plus minutes travelling home, I don’t want to be blasted by cold air the whole way.


7. The person who eats unnecessarily strong smelling food

Sure, maybe you need to eat on the go. But why the tuna sandwich and the cheese and onion crisps? That’s just cruel.

Bad Smell 2

8. The person who doesn’t appreciate personal space

There’s a tonne of empty seats and yet, for some reason, they decide to plop themselves right down next to you.

Too Close

9. That one who spends AGES counting their money

You know you’re getting on the bus. Get your change out in advance. Don’t count your pennies while we all have to stand outside in the driving rain.

Back Up

10. The person who refuses to get up to let you out

It’s okay to swivel on the DART and Luas, but that’s unacceptable with the narrow bus seats. A gymnast I am not.

You Shall Not Pass

11. The bus driver who fucks with you just because

You saw me running and waving my arms, yet you closed the doors and drove off anyway? The WORST.

Come On

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