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06th Apr 2017

13 Of The Best Places In Dublin To Go For After-Work Thursday Pints


Four days into the working week and you’re feeling the strain? Don’t fret – you are most certainly not alone.

Thursdays can be tough for even the most diligent of workers. A whole other day of pretending to know what you’re doing? How exhausting!

You need to blow off some steam – and here’s where to do it.

13. Whelan’s

Whelan’s is a unique Dublin hotspot known for having both cracking live music out the back and a cosy, intimate atmosphere out the front.

So, whether a night of intense head-banging is needed after a particularly stressful Thursday at work, or a trip to the laid-back and comfortable fireside main bar is on the agenda, Whelan’s has you covered.


12. Anseo

Anseo, which once was regarded as a non-remarkable dive bar, has been given a new lease of life by Dublin’s young and trendy – and that guy who is always there with his dog.

This Camden Street haunt is generally busy with a free Comedy Club on Wednesdays and a Live DJ Fridays and Saturdays, so you’ll generally find that Thursday evenings have the right amount of ambiance (loads) and the right number of people (none).

Also, Anseo is placed on the same street as Bunsen, Green 19 and Frite Haus – so you’ve an excuse to feed yourself, and make sure Friday morning isn’t too rough.


11. Porterhouse

If you’re looking for a switch up from the same old Guinness-fuelled Thursday evenings, The Porterhouse is yer only man. They do daily bottled beer specials at €4 a pop, as well as consistently stocking all the craft beer you could ever dream of.

Good grub too. Can’t go wrong.

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10. The South William Bar

If you’re looking for a spot with an impressive cocktail menu that won’t break the bank, South William is for sure the way to go. This place boasts three floors to pose on, as well as a number of booths if propping up the bar doesn’t tickle your fancy.

The best part? Its mood lighting makes everyone look 70% hotter than they already are.

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9. Pygmalion

If you’re fond of losing the run of yourself, Pyg – with 2-for-1 cocktails (that are to die for) Monday to Thursday – is definitely the way to go.

Boasting the best people watching spot in Dublin, Pygmalion has the unique quality of allowing you to feel somewhat, dare we say it, classy while getting your fifth round in before 9pm.

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8. Toner’s

A favourite of Dublin pint drinkers, Toner’s is the sanctuary we all need in the middle of a bustling city.

Members of the Guinness family themselves have noted how particularly well pints of The Black Stuff goes down in this haunt, and sure if that’s not enough reason to go, well, its beer garden looks like this.


7. Mary’s

Long day at work? Find yourself reminiscing about the good ol’ days? Then look no further than Mary’s Bar and Hardware Shop, just off Grafton Street, to transport you back to a time when you could buy beans in the pub.

The best of times.


6. House

House boasts a sweet drinks selection as well as a whopper terrace area with views of gorgeous Georgian buildings all around. And to top it all off, House has handily accounted for Dublin’s infamously erratic weather with a lightweight covering – so clever.

The crowd who run House keep seriously up to date with new products, so expect to see trendy new cocktails on the menu all the time.


5. 37 Dawson Street

37 is a treat for the senses with its quirky decor, retro music, sound clientele and chilled atmosphere.

What was once considered a hidden gem has now become a booming institution with an absolutely incredible cocktail menu made by pure professionals. The cocktails aren’t cheap, but if anyone deserves to treat themselves after almost a full week at work, it’s definitely you.

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4. Panti Bar

A place that strays from the norm and where you can see anyone from that weird guy from college to Enda Kenny.

The fun decor gives a welcome change from the drab furnishings of the office and there’s something about being in here that makes you feel as if you’re stepping into the future.

And the deal breaker? €3.50 pints of everything before 8pm.

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3. Peter’s Pub

It’s not your typical pub in a sense that it’s refreshingly well-lit and inviting – but it’s pleasantly quiet inside, which makes it perfect for the chats (and bitchin’).

Nice heated outdoor tables too, if you’re lucky with the weather and are keen to people watch.


2. The Bernard Shaw

What other pub has its own beer garden with a double-decker bus that serves pizza directly to you? Not to mention FREE PIZZA if your name is on the blackboard that day.

The Shaw’s beer garden also boasts plenty of other fun feature like a pool table, graffiti-covered walls and long, tiered benches, as well as regular music events – making this the absolute ideal spot to chill out after work with a few pitchers and a group of colleagues.


1. P Mac’s

Tucked away just off Drury Street, P Mac’s is a cosy drinkery with a consistently buzzing atmosphere.

Inside there are heaps of board games, including Jenga and playing cards, if you need to wind down the noggin after a long slog at the desk – and there are the snugs, of course, into which you can comfortably fit 6 people.

Oh, and has Prosecco on tap too. A worthy winner indeed.


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