The 13 Dishes You Should 100% Avoid If You're Going On A First Date In Dublin

Because sweating and crying is not sexy


A few months back we did a survey on the site about whether or not going to a Burrito Bar on a first date is a good idea or not.

And while the poll finished up pretty much neck and neck, we decided there were far more rules and guidelines to be followed when attempting to woo The One for the first time.

Here are 13 places in Dublin that – much as we may love them in normal circumstances – you should maybe save for date #3.

1. Donner kebab @ Zaytoon

No. No no no. Even if it's been an amazing night, and you think it would be hilaaaarious to finish off here: NO.



2. Any burrito @ Any burrito bar

As great as they are – and by GOD they're great – burritos involve a lot of grace and hand-eye co-ordination that we just don't possess at the best of times, let alone on a first date, when we are all a-quiver.

El-Gringo-Burrito 2

3. Anything @ Captain America's

You're not 12, you don't want a food coma, and you absolutely don't want to be interrupted midway through the date by a clown singing Happy Birthday.


Happy nightmare to you

4. Fried chicken @ Crackbird

Great craic, good tunes and a perfect location – what's the problem?

Huge, enormous pieces of greasy chicken to be eaten with your hands. That's what.


5. Wings @ Tribeca

Is it even possible to go to this place and not order the wings?

Do they even serve other food?


6. Pizza @ P Macs

Has potential to be voted both 'the loudest place on Earth', and 'least likely Dublin institution to ever find a seat'.

Throw in the astronomical odds of running into someone you know, and the terrifying prospect of having to eat pizza while standing, and there you have it.


7. Sushi @ Ukiyo

Potentially an outrageous call to make, but unless your sixth sense is that of chopstick-using ability, you're going to fall flat in Ukiyo.

Not to mention it runs a karaoke bar downstairs which is a favourite with hen parties. Nothing's going to ruin your date more than a troupe of drunk women murdering 'It's Raining Men'.


8. Wings @ Elephant and Castle

We really can't emphasise the wings thing enough. Really.

(But also, avoid Temple Bar.)

4381688-Elephant and Castle Dublin

9. Pornburger @ Cleaver East

Burgers that are so damn good that you have to unhinge your jaw to eat them. It just won't end well.


10. The Meat Feast @ Pitt Bros

Okay, the meal pictured below was a once-off two fingers at Catholic Ireland for Good Friday.

But in general, if you go to Pitt Bros and order something that wouldn't be suitable as a Man vs Food challenge, well then you're simply wasting your time.


11. Street Salad @ Staple Foods

It's got a fine healthy image, it's not going to send you into a carby slump and absolutely delish – see, you'd think salad would be a fine contender for attractive date food.

But no. It's sloppy, bitty, gets everywhere and is not to be trusted. At all.


12. Ghost Chili @ Cortina's

A spot known for its ludicrous spices and sauces, Cortina's certainly wouldn't be advised for a first date in any way shape or form – unless your date's into sweating and crying, in which case, fine.


13. Phall @ Spice n' Rice

Home to Ireland's hottest curry. Say no more.


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Written By

Kate Demolder

Kate is a staff writer here at Lovin Dublin.