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20th Dec 2016

13 Times ‘Humans of Dublin’ Has Perfectly Portrayed How Amazing This City Is


The ‘Humans of Dublin‘ project is the incredible brainchild of Ruth Guest, in which she and her team photograph the people of our city every Saturday, and give them a platform on which to tell their story.

We’ve pulled together some of the best stories – from the hilarious to the heartbreaking – from the incredible project.

1. That time this guy had his priorities spot on

Pic credit: Humans of Dublin

2. That time these gals showed how you should never give up on your dreams


“We are a multi dimensional pirate hen party. We are looking for a bride because none of us are actually married or getting married.”

Pic credit: Humans of Dublin

3. That time this guy showed us all the beauty in combining two of our most prized posessions: culture and booze

hod3 1

“I think I’m still drunk and have to to go film a short today.”

“What’s it about?”

“It’s about a girl that falls in love with an asparagus.”

Pic credit: Humans of Dublin

4. When this woman kept it real

And consequently put us all in our place.

5. When this guy was the biggest dote in existence


“I bought my daughter a ticket to see One Direction last October in the O2 arena in Dublin. She came over from Poland to see them. She was so happy.”

Pic credit: Humans of Dublin

6. When this guy said it all

And not a word too much.

Pic credit: Humans of Dublin

7. When this man showed us that you never give up on your friends

hod13 1

“I’m originally from Hungary and I’ve lived here for ten years. Then I lost my job, and now I’m on the streets because none of the hostels will take me with Bobby.”

Pic credit: Humans of Dublin

8. When this man fixed our economy


“I come in every Saturday for a walk around Dublin and head off to the Porterhouse for a drink. Just to give the pub business of course.”

Pic credit: Humans of Dublin

9. That time this gal did a sunny afternoon right

hod11 3

“I’m a wee bit drunk.”

Pic credit: Humans of Dublin

10. That time love conquered all

Taken at Dublin Pride 2015.


Pic credit: Humans of Dublin

11. That time this pair showed us love is alive and well – always

hod10 1

“I’ll see you tomorrow yeah? At half ten tomorrow?”
“Yeah, of course you will.”
“Do you promise?”
“I promise, come here just one more kiss.”

Pic credit: Humans of Dublin

12. When this girl received – and passed on – the awesome gift of kindness

hid8 1

“What’s the nicest thing anyone has done for you?”

“I really appreciate small gestures and the other day when it was lashing rain, my friend from work gave me his jacket and walked me to the shop to get my tea and walked me back to work even though he was finished and he had things to do, that gave me an idea to give one or two rain jackets to the homeless that day.”

Pic credit: Humans of Dublin

13. And the time this guy showed us forgiving and forgetting is cool AF

hod9 1

“When I was 6 I won a trophy for an Irish dancing competition for school but a bully stole it from me. I guess I was sad but I was over it but since then a week or something ago he found me to tell me that he was sorry for everything and gave me the trophy”

“Were you happy?”

“I’m actually hanging out with him later.”

Pic credit: Humans of Dublin

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