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03rd Jun 2021

150 new portaloos confirmed for the city centre this weekend

James Fenton

Lord Mayor Hazel Chu has confirmed that 150 portaloos will be in place in the city centre this weekend.

There had been numerous calls for additional toilets and bins to be put in place in the city after scenes of large gatherings in recent weeks. Those calls have now been answered as Hazel Chu confirmed today: ‘150 portaloo toilets, 54 large Eurobins and 80 Barrel Bins across the City from this weekend with a specific focus on high footfall areas in the City Centre!’

The toilets will be open daily from 10am until 11pm with the locations as follows:

  • Wolfetone Sq. – additional provision ·
  • Central median on O’Connell Street
  • Smithfield – South end
  • Royal Canal
  • Mountjoy Sq
  • Diamond Park
  • Sycamore St
  • Temple Bar Square
  • Chatham Row
  • Sth King Street
  • Coppinger Row
  • Dame Court
  • Dame Lane
  • Merrion Square

Last weekend, large crowds gathered on South William Street, leaving piles of litter behind in the area.