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24th Feb 2017

19 Handy Tips You Need To Know If You Live In Dublin


City life isn’t for everyone. It’s tough, stressful and filled with traffic. 

Seriously, the traffic never stops. Ever.

But anyway, as the saying goes ‘fortune favours the person-who-has-moved-to-Dublin-from somewhere else’, so you’re in luck.

Get stuck into the tips below to really feel like you’ve conquered the big city. Because you have, ya big ride. 

1. Use the ATM’s inside AIB on Grafton Street rather than queue outside in the rain

People always forget about these hidden beauties. But now, not you. 

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2. Most bars do half price cocktails on Tuesdays

And a lot of restaurants will have pretty good deals midweek. 


3. Buy a Leap Card

They cost €5 to purchase directly, and they save you a tonne of money in the long run. Also, you should set up autoload on your Leap Card. just trust us. 

But if you don’t buy a Leap Card…

4. Save your Dublin Bus tickets with overdue fare on them

Free money!

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5. Seagulls can, and will, eat your lunch if you take too long

And never, ever, look them in the eye.

Img 4967

6. If you have luggage you don’t want to carry around all day…

…leave it in the lockers in the Chester Beatty Library. It’s €1 for the whole day and is super central. 

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7. If you ever get caught on the LUAS, give a fake name*

*We obviously do not condone this behaviour. 

But it’s really fucking handy. 

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8. If you’re getting an Aircoach to Dublin Airport on Friday afternoon, give yourself two hours

Just trust us. 

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9. If you’re ordering at a bar, order your Guinness first 

The bartender will thank you. 

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10. If you can avoid Grafton Street, do

Definitely, definitely do. 

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11. If you’re ever in The Shelbourne…

Order The Restoration. It’s large, full of gin, and not even on the menu. So you’ll feel super slick. 

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12. Download the following apps:

  • Dublin Bike
  • Dublin Bus
  • Cheapest Pint
  • Hailo/My Taxi
  • Pint Of Plain
  • Parking Tag
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13. If you need to leave your car in town for the evening…

Park in Fleet Street Car Park – €5 for the whole night after 6pm. 

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14. If you’re ordering from Bunsen, order the skinny fries

Way more bang for you buck. Cheaper, too. 

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15. The Port Tunnel charges €3 instead of €10 from 18:57 onwards each day

Don’t turn up before then and have to fork out ten big ones. 

Shutterstock 16983709

16. A lot of Dublin restaurants sell off their food from 7pm onwards for a fraction of the price

Especially sushi joints. Pick up a restaurant-style dinner on the way home of a long day for nothing at all. 

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17. If you’re using Hailo for a far journey, put in your destination

Drivers are keen to drive long journeys all day. You’ll be batting them away before you know it. 

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18. If you’re taking a Dublin Bus on a cold day, sit at the back

The roasty toasty engine will sort you right out. 


19. And finally, if someone calls you ‘massif’, they’re not calling you fat

So don’t feel bad. 

Eat that doughnut. 

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