€21.56 For Salad And A Lemonade In This Dublin Café – Are We Going Back To Bad Old Habits?

History wouldn't be history if it didn't repeat itself...


One of the few redeeming features of the recession was that it brought us back to earth with a bang.

The mad, ludicrous shite that had been going on since around 1998 was brought to a shuddering halt, and from property to pints, prices suddenly started to look a lot more reasonable the further away the Celtic Tiger retreated.

Alas, history wouldn't be history if it didn't repeat itself – and we've seen some very worrying signs of the old mentality creeping into the pub and restaurant scene across Dublin.

Such as this bill for a pretty basic lunch – a duck salad with lemonade – in the Avoca Café on Suffolk Street, which was shared with us today.

Yes, you can check the menu before you commit to eating somewhere, and yes, good food costs money – but both of those things are beside the point here.

This isn't some high-end establishment at the forefront of food innovation; it's the Avoca Café, serving decent but fairly standard fare in a decent but fairly standard setting. (Killer sambos, mind...)

Going north of a tenner for lunch is grand if you want to treat yourself to something special. But popping above the €20 mark? Ridiculous.

Thankfully there are plenty of better and cheaper options in the immediate vicinity. But nonetheless, there's a whiff of ridiculousness about this, and we can't help but feel like it's starting to spread...

Written By

Aidan Coughlan