21 Photos That Prove Dublin Is The Most Beautiful Place In The World In Autumn



Some people think that as soon as the sun disappears and the nights get longer that a city loses its magic – but we beg to differ.

Here are 21 photos that show Dublin is an incredible spot no matter what the season – so let's all get in the Christmas mood and hunker down for the next five months!

The sunsets look like this

And the parks look like this

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Meanwhile, the canals are all like...

And even the restaurants are getting in on the act

That city

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Those seas

And those leaves!

Of course, there's nowhere quite like a park at this time of year

You can always find a moment...

To look at the colours

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Or to pick up some great grub


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Even the dogs love it

And again with the canals

Ah Stephen, you're looking well

What. A. City.

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The ducks are happy out

It's finally okay to drink Guinness again

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Even the wind can be used for good

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Even the weather can't get you down as long as you make the most of it

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: WHAT A CITY

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Niall Harbison

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