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20th Dec 2016

27 Photos Spotted On #LovinDublin That Prove Even In Winter This City Is Amazing


We’re lucky to live in one of the most beautiful little cities in the world, and you guys have taken over 80,000 photos tagged with #lovindublin over the past couple of years to keep reminding us of that. 

We want to highlight great photography and inspire everybody who lives here and who wants to visit. 

Here are some of the very best photos we’ve spotted in the last month. 

Even in depths of winter the sunsets look like this

The docks looking well

The Spire

The food here looks this good!

Even prettier in black and white

Beautiful new buildings

Mixed with the old

Where else would you get this at the lights?

Of course the city is all about the people

A very different view of Trinity

A beautiful sight to come home to


The big fella at the zoo

A classic jammer

Sure where else would you get it?

A quiet night

Nighttime ride to Rick’s

Cheeky monkey

A short drive at the weekend gets you here

The canals

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A great way to see the city

Even the clouds were amazing this month

So pretty

A quiet morning before the shops open

Sweet Jesus

A beautiful winter’s day

We think you’ll agree we’ve a great little city

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