5 Brilliant Things To Do This Weekend Before Christmas Rolls Around

7 sleeps!

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Holidays are coming, holidays are coming.

You may well be stuck in work for two or three more days next week but that's no real reason to not get out there and enjoy the Christmas buzz! 

There's a host of interesting events besides the usual 12 pubs craic on to blow off some steam and we've made a handy little list of some of the more interesting ones. 

Have a gawk below and find some inspiration for an active weekend!


Escape Game: The Philosopher's Stone

Now this is a pretty original event indeed.

Xit is the first live escape game in Ireland. The goal is simple yet challenging: get out in time or face the consequences. The guys will lock you in a room with some fiendish challenges, and you'll have one hour to find your way out. 

This time around, it's your job to get your hands on the elusive Philosopher's Stone. Grab some mates and try to crack the clues while you still can!

Available other dates too!

Escape  Game   The  Philosophers  Stone

The Dublin City Pub Crawl

Dublin expresses its living history with her pubs – the lifeblood of an evolving city. Up and down every city street, whether cobbled or paved, the Dublin City Pub Crawl will expose the true Dublin pub scene, sharing with you the authentic soul of this magnificent capital.

Tour of some of Ireland's best pubs whilst making some random new mates before hitting the club.

The  Dublin  City  Pub  Crawl


All City Sketch Session: Christmas Special

Free graffiti and top music? Christmas really has come early.

Meet graffiti artists and watch them design some epic pieces of work whilst bouncing ideas off each other. Pens and paper will be provided but feel free to bring your own sketch pad and spray paint. If great music and even greater art is your thing, this is a no-brainer.

Runs: 1pm-5pm. This event is free, but entry is guaranteed.

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James Joyce's Dubliners: Dublin Audio Tour

Walk the streets of Dublin as you listen to Joyce's classic short stories.

Wonderland Productions’ Dubliners is a self-guided audio-walking tour that invites you to walk the streets and historic buildings in which Joyce set his classic stories. You'll listen to these stories on headphones, as they are told and performed for you by a large ensemble cast. 

This tour encapsulates both the historic and the cultural, and is perfect for anyone wanting to fully immerse themselves in the heritage of Dublin. 

James  Joyce Tour

Raglans @ Hangar

This is a major gig for one of Ireland's bands of the moment and a fantastic chance to catch some top quality homegrown music. 

With a well-received debut LP under their belt, these guys are gaining serious momentum, and this home town gig is sure to be one to cherish for the artists and fans alike.

Tickets available here.