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28th Jan 2017

5 Dublin Foodie ‘Villages’ You Should Plan A Special Trip To Tomorrow


When it comes to making plans to eat out, I find we all fall into the same old traps. We either head into town or go down to the local spot. 

As the city continues to evolve gastronomically, there are now hundreds of brilliant restaurants, cafés and bars in the suburbs. I wanted to highlight a few that are well worth checking out with your nearest and dearest when you want to make a day of it.

If you live within these areas you think them obvious, but we don’t tend to travel around the bay enough in Dublin. Feast your eyes on these stunning little foodie areas…

1. Skerries 

While people will be screaming about the omission of Howth from the list, it gets its fair share of tourist visitors. Just a little further north up the coast sits Skerries, which is about as far as you can go and still legitimately still call it Dublin. It’s a proper day trip.

You’ll actually be blown away and probably be expecting something totally different. Some great bars, restaurants and cafés. We get bombarded by people telling us the wings in Blue Bar are the best in Dublin (they’re right up there) and Stoop Your Head does amazing fish. 

Loads of great walks make this the place to go to clear the head.

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2. Glasthule 

We called it the holy grail in terms of the Dublin foodie scene and a lot of the magic revolves around the institution that is Cavistons. The beauty about this part of town is that you can shop for food, eat it, buy great wines, have an amazing coffee and then stroll down to the sea. 

There’s something for everybody and even though it’s only 20 minutes by dart or car from the city centre, it feels like a proper day out. 

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3. Stoneybatter 

One area of Dublin that’s often brought up when talking about gentrification. What has happened though, with an influx of young professionals seeking affordable homes and lower rents for businesses, is a thriving foodie scene.

L Mulligan Grocers has been my favourite gastro pub (even though I hate that term) for years. You can get an amazing brunch in Slice café and new places seem to be opening by the day.

Drive in and start with a huge walk in the gorgeous Phoenix Park to work up an appetite and then enjoy one of Dublin’s most exciting corners.

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4. Malahide 

One of those places that people on the Northside will gravitate to, what with more than 30 restaurants and food outlets there. If you’re living on the Southside or the city centre you mightn’t even consider making the journey, but that would be a mistake.

You have everything here, from the institution that is Bon Appetit, to amazing Pakistani cuisine and what has to be one of the best pints of Guinness (and great craic) in Gibney’s

There are also incredible craft butchers like Kerrigan’s and a newly opened Donnybrook Fair. An absolute foodie heaven. 

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5. Ranelagh

Southsiders tend to head towards Ranelagh to eat out and are currently wondering why this is on the list. However, the reality is that Ranelagh is such an amazing foodie village that it’s worth travelling from much further afield.

I still think the best brunch in town is served in Dillinger’s. The coffee at Nick’s is a revelation. The steaks in The Butcher’s Grill are to die for. I could go on, but with 40 restaurants worthy of note, I’d be here all day. 

Perfect spot if you want to watch sports in a pub and enjoy some amazing grub before or after. You can get lost in Ranelagh for an entire day.

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